GameTime: How to use your PS3 USB Controller to play Fortnite on PC

After a few weeks of playing PubG on my phone, I felt like I needed an upgrade.  The PubG screen gets really hot!  It’s hard to aim consistently, I had a hard time understanding inventory management which is a huge part of the gameplay.   Overall it wasn’t enjoying it and ended up wasting time instead of having fun.  I went ahead and gave Rules Of Survival a try and I enjoyed it more than PubG but again the screen gets hot and makes it uncomfortable to play more than a game or two.

I downloaded Fortnite some time ago but totally forgot about it until I started looking for PubG online and that is where I found Fortnite! I played a few games but I couldn’t react and respond faster enough with just my keyboard.  I plugged in my trusty USB Logitech and nothing.

A few hours of research, trial, and error turned into a few days of the same.  I finally gave up and figured an old PS3 controller SHOULD work.  Haha, the joke was on me, my PC (Win 10) didn’t even recognize the PS3 controller…at least it recognized my Logitech.  I almost gave up, but I really wanted my controller to work so I kept trying until I found this and it works!  I have run into one minor issue, but nothing that causes any harm.  Once in a while when I reboot,  I get a blue screen that is directly related to one of the files used in the program.  It’s old code being merged into a new world and sometimes it’s not happy.

Follow the directions in the link above and you’ll be playing in no time!

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