Raspberry PI Oh My!

My RPI is here, awww just look at her!  In the palm of my hand, I’m holding a Raspberry Pi Zero W.


I started “playing”, installed Raspbian on a 32GB card along with PiCast.  The idea is to be able to cast from my Pi to my tv LIKE Chromecast but better because I have more control but there were issues with buffering.

I had to brush up on my Linux because I haven’t touched it for years! I’ve also had the opportunity to play with MinecraftP, installed MediaCenter, OSMC which is essentially Kodi. I’ve had some issues with that as well but honestly, I’ve been working on an IOS game for a client so I haven’t had much time to play.  I’ll check back in with an update.

Oh, and I really need some help with soldering.  I think I need a one on one lesson because I’ve watched several videos and tried so many times to solder the header onto the pi so that I can attach the RPI touch screen.  I was able to get a few pins soldered and though I knew it wasn’t a good idea, I tested it and guess what!  It worked!  The screen came on.  I had to install drivers and update config files so that I could achieve the proper resolution and orientation but it worked and I got to experience my Pi on the touchscreen.  The novelty lost it’s appeal quickly because there are limitations, where only certain features are unavailable if not being viewed via HDMI, I couldn’t play with Minecraft and had a few other issues.

I’m not sure if I wanted this Pi to be my media center or game center.  I also have plans for several other concepts but before coding my own I want to become familiar with the work others have shared.

Just because I code doesn’t mean I don’t support other coders work.  Hell, I appreciate it and grow because of it.

Extra goodies:

I purchased the following to enhance my experience!
mini Hdmi, micro usb attachments, a usb micro sd reader, GPIO header, a bluetooth keyboard/mouse, RPI touch screen

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