The Xamarin Experience – Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 – The Xamarin Experience
with Arminda Colón

Concepts you will become familiar with:

Install/setup gotchas

What You Need to Know

  • You need to know C#
  • Xamarin can be installed on both Windows and Mac operating systems
    • (Android) Visual Studio is required on Windows
      • Designer uses XAML
    • (IOS) Xamarin and XCode are required on Mac
      • Setup
        • You must have a Mac to develop on
        • You must have a paid Apple developer account to deploy to devices other than your own, (Ad-hoc) (Release)
        • You can create a provisioning profile without a developer account but testing is limited to your device only (Debug)
        • Some functions require you to have a physical IOS device for testing (iPhone or iPad)
      • Designer uses Storyboard or XIB
      • The Xamarin versions must be the same on your Windows and Mac or your building agent will not start, the agent is how Mac communicates with Visual Studio.
      • Updates/Settings
        • Access by going to Tools –> Options


        • When you are receiving an error but it’s not enough details, change Xamarin Diagnostic verbosity to detailed.
        • Use the stable version, unless you have good reason to use an Alpha or Beta version.
        • Updates take awhile, grab a coffee and wait it out.
  • Nuget is your friend, packages are how you gain access to library references
  • PCM is the package manager console, many of the tasks require you to use the command line console

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